Branch name change #2459

lunny merged 1 commits from lunny/update_ci_v1 into v1 2024-05-15 08:45:27 +00:00
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lunny added 1 commit 2024-05-15 07:54:25 +00:00
branch name change
All checks were successful
test mariadb / test mariadb (pull_request) Successful in 12m41s
test mssql / test mssql with collation (pull_request) Successful in 13m13s
test mssql / test mssql (pull_request) Successful in 13m17s
test cockroach / test cockroach (pull_request) Successful in 13m50s
test mysql / test mysql (pull_request) Successful in 11m44s
test mysql8 / test mysql8 (pull_request) Successful in 12m8s
test postgres / test postgres (pull_request) Successful in 12m21s
test sqlite / unit test & test sqlite (pull_request) Successful in 12m37s
test tidb / test tidb (pull_request) Successful in 10m35s
lunny merged commit d47f35b260 into v1 2024-05-15 08:45:27 +00:00
lunny referenced this issue from a commit 2024-05-15 08:45:28 +00:00
lunny deleted branch lunny/update_ci_v1 2024-05-15 08:45:29 +00:00
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