Simple and Powerful ORM for Go, support mysql,postgres,tidb,sqlite3,mssql,oracle
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Contributing to xorm

xorm has a backlog of pull requests, but contributions are still very much welcome. You can help with patch review, submitting bug reports, or adding new functionality. There is no formal style guide, but please conform to the style of existing code and general Go formatting conventions when submitting patches.


Since xorm is a world-wide open source project, please describe your issues or code changes in English as soon as possible.

Sign your codes with comments

// !<you github id>! your comments


// !lunny! this is comments made by lunny

Patch review

Help review existing open pull requests by commenting on the code or proposed functionality.

Bug reports

We appreciate any bug reports, but especially ones with self-contained (doesn't depend on code outside of xorm), minimal (can't be simplified further) test cases. It's especially helpful if you can submit a pull request with just the failing test case(you can find some example test file like session_get_test.go).

If you implements a new database interface, you maybe need to add a file. For example, mysql_test.go

New functionality

There are a number of pending patches for new functionality, so additional feature patches will take a while to merge. Still, patches are generally reviewed based on usefulness and complexity in addition to time-in-queue, so if you have a knockout idea, take a shot. Feel free to open an issue discussion your proposed patch beforehand.