Simple and Powerful ORM for Go, support mysql,postgres,tidb,sqlite3,sqlite,mssql,oracle,cockroach
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// Copyright 2015 The Xorm Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// +build !windows,!nacl,!plan9
package log
import (
var _ Logger = &SyslogLogger{}
// SyslogLogger will be depricated
type SyslogLogger struct {
w *syslog.Writer
showSQL bool
// NewSyslogLogger implements Logger
func NewSyslogLogger(w *syslog.Writer) *SyslogLogger {
return &SyslogLogger{w: w}
// Debug log content as Debug
func (s *SyslogLogger) Debug(v ...interface{}) {
// Debugf log content as Debug and format
func (s *SyslogLogger) Debugf(format string, v ...interface{}) {
s.w.Debug(fmt.Sprintf(format, v...))
// Error log content as Error
func (s *SyslogLogger) Error(v ...interface{}) {
// Errorf log content as Errorf and format
func (s *SyslogLogger) Errorf(format string, v ...interface{}) {
s.w.Err(fmt.Sprintf(format, v...))
// Info log content as Info
func (s *SyslogLogger) Info(v ...interface{}) {
// Infof log content as Infof and format
func (s *SyslogLogger) Infof(format string, v ...interface{}) {
s.w.Info(fmt.Sprintf(format, v...))
// Warn log content as Warn
func (s *SyslogLogger) Warn(v ...interface{}) {
// Warnf log content as Warnf and format
func (s *SyslogLogger) Warnf(format string, v ...interface{}) {
s.w.Warning(fmt.Sprintf(format, v...))
// Level shows log level
func (s *SyslogLogger) Level() LogLevel {
// SetLevel always return error, as current log/syslog package doesn't allow to set priority level after syslog.Writer created
func (s *SyslogLogger) SetLevel(l LogLevel) {}
// ShowSQL set if logging SQL
func (s *SyslogLogger) ShowSQL(show ...bool) {
if len(show) == 0 {
s.showSQL = true
s.showSQL = show[0]
// IsShowSQL if logging SQL
func (s *SyslogLogger) IsShowSQL() bool {
return s.showSQL