Simple and Powerful ORM for Go, support mysql,postgres,tidb,sqlite3,mssql,oracle
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Xorm is a simple and powerful ORM for Go.


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  • Struct <-> Table Mapping Support

  • Chainable APIs

  • Transaction Support

  • Both ORM and raw SQL operation Support

  • Sync database schema Support

  • Query Cache speed up

  • Database Reverse support, See Xorm Tool README

  • Simple cascade loading support

  • Optimistic Locking support

Drivers Support

Drivers for Go's sql package which currently support database/sql includes:


  • v0.4.3

    • Json column type support
    • oracle expirement support
    • bug fixed
  • v0.4.2

    • Transaction will auto rollback if not Rollback or Commit be called.
    • Gonic Mapper support
    • bug fixed

More changelogs ...


If you have gopm installed,

gopm get


go get




Please visit Xorm on Google Groups


If you want to pull request, please see CONTRIBUTING


BSD License