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1. Determine the total number of birds that you counted so far

  • Refer to the exercise introduction for an example of how to use a for loop to iterate over an array.
  • Use a helper variable to store the total count and increase that variable as you go through the array.
  • Think about the correct initial value for that helper variable.
  • Refer back to the array concept to recap how to retrieve values from an array.

2. Calculate the number of visiting birds in a specific week

  • This task is similar to the first one. You can copy your code as a starting point.
  • Think about which indexes in the array you would need to take into account for week number 1 and 2, respectively.
  • Now, find a general way to calculate the first and the last index that should be considered.
  • With that, you can set up the for loop to only iterate over the relevant section of the array.

3. Fix a counting mistake

  • Again, you need to set up a for loop to iterate over the whole bird count array.
  • This time you only need to visit every second entry in the array.
  • Change the step so the counter variable is increased accordingly after each iteration.
  • In the body of the for loop you can use the increment operator to change the value of an element in an array in place.