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# LiteAUR
Just another AUR helper
* Lightweight
* Update system
* Fast
* Search command
* Configuration
## Images:
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| ![Big Text]( | ![Search Function]( |
| ![Configuration file]( | ![Help command]( | |
### FAQ:<br />
1. **Q:** Why can't my package install because of "ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies" or "ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies"?<br />**A:** Some of that package's dependencies are most-likely AUR packages, not pacman packages. Simply run `liteaur -i foo foobar` (replace foo and foobar with the dependencies that failed to install)
2. **Q:** How to contribute to LiteAUR or suggest a feature?<br />**A:** Simply fork this project, make your changes, and open a pull/merge request OR make an issue with the feature(s) you want added to LiteAUR! All suggestions and contributions are welcome!
3. **Q:** Why is the search command sometimes not outputting anything?<br />**A:** It either means the search you've put has hit the AURWeb RPC's limit, or that it has no results.
4. **Q:** Help! I found a bug!<br />**A:** Open an issue describing the bug in detail (if possible).