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Use gitea/runner-images by default (#529)

Also give up ubuntu-18.04 since it's too old. And enable force_pull by default to check new versions of images.

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# Example configuration file, it's safe to copy this as the default config file without any modification.
# You don't have to copy this file to your instance,
# just run `./act_runner generate-config > config.yaml` to generate a config file.
# The level of logging, can be trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal
level: info
# Where to store the registration result.
file: .runner
# Execute how many tasks concurrently at the same time.
capacity: 1
# Extra environment variables to run jobs.
A_TEST_ENV_NAME_1: a_test_env_value_1
A_TEST_ENV_NAME_2: a_test_env_value_2
# Extra environment variables to run jobs from a file.
# It will be ignored if it's empty or the file doesn't exist.
env_file: .env
# The timeout for a job to be finished.
# Please note that the Gitea instance also has a timeout (3h by default) for the job.
# So the job could be stopped by the Gitea instance if it's timeout is shorter than this.
timeout: 3h
# Whether skip verifying the TLS certificate of the Gitea instance.
insecure: false
# The timeout for fetching the job from the Gitea instance.
fetch_timeout: 5s
# The interval for fetching the job from the Gitea instance.
fetch_interval: 2s
# The labels of a runner are used to determine which jobs the runner can run, and how to run them.
# Like: "macos-arm64:host" or "ubuntu-latest:docker://gitea/runner-images:ubuntu-latest"
# Find more images provided by Gitea at .
# If it's empty when registering, it will ask for inputting labels.
# If it's empty when execute `daemon`, will use labels in `.runner` file.
- "ubuntu-latest:docker://gitea/runner-images:ubuntu-latest"
- "ubuntu-22.04:docker://gitea/runner-images:ubuntu-22.04"
- "ubuntu-20.04:docker://gitea/runner-images:ubuntu-20.04"
# Enable cache server to use actions/cache.
enabled: true
# The directory to store the cache data.
# If it's empty, the cache data will be stored in $HOME/.cache/actcache.
dir: ""
# The host of the cache server.
# It's not for the address to listen, but the address to connect from job containers.
# So is a bad choice, leave it empty to detect automatically.
host: ""
# The port of the cache server.
# 0 means to use a random available port.
port: 0
# The external cache server URL. Valid only when enable is true.
# If it's specified, act_runner will use this URL as the ACTIONS_CACHE_URL rather than start a server by itself.
# The URL should generally end with "/".
external_server: ""
# Specifies the network to which the container will connect.
# Could be host, bridge or the name of a custom network.
# If it's empty, act_runner will create a network automatically.
network: ""
# Whether to use privileged mode or not when launching task containers (privileged mode is required for Docker-in-Docker).
privileged: false
# And other options to be used when the container is started (eg, --add-host=my.gitea.url:host-gateway).
# The parent directory of a job's working directory.
# NOTE: There is no need to add the first '/' of the path as act_runner will add it automatically.
# If the path starts with '/', the '/' will be trimmed.
# For example, if the parent directory is /path/to/my/dir, workdir_parent should be path/to/my/dir
# If it's empty, /workspace will be used.
# Volumes (including bind mounts) can be mounted to containers. Glob syntax is supported, see
# You can specify multiple volumes. If the sequence is empty, no volumes can be mounted.
# For example, if you only allow containers to mount the `data` volume and all the json files in `/src`, you should change the config to:
# valid_volumes:
# - data
# - /src/*.json
# If you want to allow any volume, please use the following configuration:
# valid_volumes:
# - '**'
valid_volumes: []
# overrides the docker client host with the specified one.
# If it's empty, act_runner will find an available docker host automatically.
# If it's "-", act_runner will find an available docker host automatically, but the docker host won't be mounted to the job containers and service containers.
# If it's not empty or "-", the specified docker host will be used. An error will be returned if it doesn't work.
docker_host: ""
# Pull docker image(s) even if already present
force_pull: true
# Rebuild docker image(s) even if already present
force_rebuild: false
# The parent directory of a job's working directory.
# If it's empty, $HOME/.cache/act/ will be used.