justusbunsi 64c6d80dcf Add .vscode profile for easier contributions (#536)
### Description of the change

This adds a `.vscode` folder with recommended extensions and some useful settings like unittest schema validation.
The `.vscode` folder is already helm ignored during packaging.

### Possible drawbacks

We would have to be careful about PR changes in that directory.

Reviewed-on: #536
Co-authored-by: justusbunsi <sk.bunsenbrenner@gmail.com>
Co-committed-by: justusbunsi <sk.bunsenbrenner@gmail.com>
2023-10-13 19:20:26 +00:00

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Contribution Guidelines

Any type of contribution is welcome; from new features, bug fixes, tests, refactorings for easier maintainability or documentation improvements.

Development environment

  • node at least current LTS
  • helm
  • make is optional; you may call the commands directly

When using Visual Studio Code as IDE, a ready-to-use profile is available.

Documentation Requirements

The README.md must include all configuration options. The parameters section is generated by extracting the parameter annotations from the values.yaml file, by using this tool.

If changes were made on configuration options, run make readme to update the README file.

The ToC is created via the VSCode Markdown All in One extension which can/must also be used used to update it.

Pull Request Requirements

When submitting or updating a PR:

  • make sure it passes CI builds.
  • do not make independent changes in one PR.
  • try to avoid rebases. They make code reviews for large PRs and comments much harder.
  • if applicable, use the PR template for a well-defined PR description.
  • clearly mark breaking changes.

Local development & testing

For local development and testing of pull requests, the following workflow can be used:

  1. Install minikube and helm.
  2. Start a minikube cluster via minikube start.
  3. From the gitea/helm-chart directory execute the following command. This will install the dependencies listed in Chart.yml and deploy the current state of the helm chart found locally. If you want to test a branch, make sure to switch to the respective branch first. helm install --dependency-update gitea . -f values.yaml.
  4. Gitea is now deployed in minikube. To access it, it's port needs to be forwarded first from minikube to localhost first via kubectl --namespace default port-forward svc/gitea-http 3000:3000. Now Gitea is accessible at http://localhost:3000.

Unit tests

# install the unittest plugin
$ helm plugin install https://github.com/helm-unittest/helm-unittest

# run the unittests
make unittests

See plugin documentation for usage instructions.

Release process

  1. Create a tag following the tagging schema
  2. Push the tag
  3. Let CI do it's work