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Detect major dependency version bumps (#571)
As seen in #507 and #569, there is no guarantee for us that minor
dependency updates are actually minor updates for the dependent
application itself. The Chart version might be minor - and therefore
automatically merged when build is green - but the used Docker image
inside the Chart could still be a major version change.

To effectively prevent such automerge when the application major version
changes, there is now a test file that has the currently used major
versions hard-coded. In case of an actual major bump, this file has to
be adjusted.

Looking at `redis-cluster`, there might be several major Chart versions
with the same major application version.

This PR is related to #409 but does not fully resolve it.

Reviewed-on: #571
Reviewed-by: pat-s <pat-s@noreply.gitea.com>
2023-11-27 18:36:47 +00:00

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.PHONY: prepare-environment
npm install
.PHONY: readme
readme: prepare-environment
npm run readme:parameters
npm run readme:lint
.PHONY: unittests
helm unittest --strict -f 'unittests/**/*.yaml' -f 'unittests/dependency-major-image-check.yaml' ./
.PHONY: helm
helm dependency update