Fix for go tools called from make #568

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@ -65,15 +65,15 @@ vet:
.PHONY: lint
lint: install-lint-tools
revive -config .revive.toml ./... || exit 1
$(GO) run revive@latest -config .revive.toml ./... || exit 1
.PHONY: misspell-check
misspell-check: install-lint-tools
misspell -error -i unknwon,destory $(GOFILES)
$(GO) run misspell@latest -error -i unknwon,destory $(GOFILES)
.PHONY: misspell
misspell: install-lint-tools
misspell -w -i unknwon $(GOFILES)
$(GO) run misspell@latest -w -i unknwon $(GOFILES)
.PHONY: fmt-check
@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ check: test
.PHONY: install
install: $(SOURCES)
@echo "installing to $(shell $(GO) env GOPATH)/bin/$(EXECUTABLE)"
$(GO) install -v $(BUILDMODE) $(GOFLAGS)
$(GO) install -v $(BUILDMODE) $(GOFLAGS)
.PHONY: build
build: $(EXECUTABLE)