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Gitea: Website

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This page is hosted on our infrastructure within Docker containers, it gets automatically updated on every push to the master branch.

If you want to host this page on your own you can take our docker image gitea/website.


This website uses the Hugo static site generator. If you are planning to contribute you'll want to download and install Hugo on your local machine.

The installation of Hugo is out of the scope of this document, so please take the official install instructions to get Hugo up and running.


To generate the website and serve it on localhost:1313 just execute this command and stop it with Ctrl+C:

make server

When you are done with your changes just create a pull request, after merging the pull request the website will be updated automatically.

HOWTO manage sponsors

Gitea sponsors who donate the minimal required amount for Gold have, during a year:

  • Their logo is displayed on GitHub
  • Their logo is on the home page

This is done by:

  • Adding their logo to the themes/gitea/static/images directory
  • Adding a link with their logo to the home page at themes/gitea/layouts/home/index.html

The date of the addition must be recorded with a reminder to verify the sponsorship has been renewed at the anniversary date. If not the links and logo can be removed.

Note that the themes directory is located in another repository and that updates are only deployed when the website repository is updated.


Fork -> Patch -> Push -> Pull Request



This project is under the Apache-2.0 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.

Copyright (c) 2020 The Gitea Authors <>