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CLI for interacting with Gitea

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Understands the concepts of an origin vs remote repository.
By default, uses remotes origin and upstream.
If no upstream repository is found, upstream becomes synonymous with origin for the sake of defaults.

  • Configuration sip config
    • Change the default origin remote name sip config origin
    • Change the default upstream remote name sip config upstrea
  • Tokens sip tokens
    • List current available access tokens
    • Generate a new token from CLI sip token create <token>
      • If <token> is present, add new access token, otherwise...
      • Authenticate with username/password to get a new token without leaving the terminal
    • Remove access tokens sip tokens remove
  • Repository status sip repo
    • Get basic information about the upstream repository
  • Issue search sip issues
    • Search issues based on keyword(s)
    • Create a new issue sip issues create
  • Pull request search sip pulls
    • Search pull requests based on keyword(s)
    • Create a new pull request sip pulls create
    • Check pull request status (default based on current branch) sip pulls status
    • Checkout a pull request to test locally sip pulls checkout
  • Release search sip release
    • Create a new release sip release create
    • Attach files to an existing release sip release attach
  • Open item in a web browser
    • Repository sip open or sip open owner/repo
    • Issue or PR sip open 1234 or sip open owner/repo/1234

Search filters

Sip supports certain search filters for issues/PRs.
Anything in the query that doesn't match one of the below filters will be sent as a keyword

  • State is:open is:closed is:merged - only the last state in the query will be applied
  • Author author:jolheiser - only the last author in the query will be applied
  • Labels label:bug label:feature - all labels must apply to return results
  • Milestone mileston:v1.0.0 - only the last milestone in the query will be applied

e.g. test is:open query author:jolheiser milestone:0.2.0 will search for issues/PRs with keywords test query that are open, authored by jolheiser, and in the 0.2.0 milestone.