Norwin 897e4ce3c1 add `tea times` command (#54)
Merge branch 'master' into 50-cmd-times

labels: fix refactor bug

fixup! use version check implemented in SDK instead

add subcmds: `tea times (delete|reset)`

fixes #87
fixes #88

times: reword help

use version check implemented in SDK instead

make fmt

Check gitea server version for times endpoint

refactor times.go

dont print TrackedTime ID

print username & issue index instead of IDs

switch to urface/cli/v2

vendor araddon/dateparse

use araddon/dateparse for arbitrary date inputs

add --from, --until flags

allow filtering by issue index

make app name lower case

to make the help texts consistent with the binary name

add --total flag

implement `tea times add`

add `tea times` subcommand

Co-authored-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: Norwin Roosen <git@nroo.de>
Reviewed-on: gitea/tea#54
Reviewed-by: 6543 <6543@noreply.gitea.io>
Reviewed-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
2020-03-06 03:43:28 +00:00

17 lines
491 B

module code.gitea.io/tea
go 1.12
require (
code.gitea.io/sdk/gitea v0.11.0
github.com/araddon/dateparse v0.0.0-20190622164848-0fb0a474d195
github.com/cpuguy83/go-md2man/v2 v2.0.0 // indirect
github.com/go-gitea/yaml v0.0.0-20170812160011-eb3733d160e7
github.com/mattn/go-runewidth v0.0.4 // indirect
github.com/olekukonko/tablewriter v0.0.1
github.com/stretchr/testify v1.4.0
github.com/urfave/cli/v2 v2.1.1
gopkg.in/src-d/go-git.v4 v4.13.1
gopkg.in/yaml.v2 v2.2.7 // indirect