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# Gitea: Theme
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This is a Hugo theme that gets used within all of our websites like our blog,
documentation and also the redirects. If you commit any changes to the `master`
branch it will trigger rebuilds of all the related websites.
## Install
You need an existing [Hugo]( website, than you can
just download our prebuilt [theme](, put
it into your `themes/gitea` folder and enable the theme with the
`theme = "gitea"` option of your website.
## Development
We choose [npm]( to fetch our dependencies and
[gulp]( for the pipeline. We won't cover the installation of
nodejs or npm, for that you can find enough guides depending on your operating
system. First of all you have to install the required dependencies:
npm install
After you have successfully installed the required dependencies you should be
able to use these commands to just clean and build generated sources of the
npm run clean
npm run build
npm run release
If you want to do more development on the theme we suggest to use the `watch`
task we have defined to get the changes directly built after saving changes to
a file:
npm run watch
When you are done with your changes just create a pull request, after merging
the pull request the theme will be published to our [download page]( automatically.
## Contributing
Fork -> Patch -> Push -> Pull Request
## Authors
* [Maintainers](
* [Contributors](
## License
This project is under the Apache-2.0 License. See the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file
for the full license text.
## Copyright
Copyright (c) 2019 The Gitea Authors <>