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2017-06-12T17:21:30+08:00 appleboy Release of 1.1.2
false 1.1.2

We proudly present the bugfix release of Gitea version 1.1.2. We have merged 5 pull requests to release this version of Gitea. You can download one of our pre-built binaries from our downloads page, you just need to select the correct platform. For further details of the installation follow our installation guide.


    • fix bug not to trim space of login username #1806
    • Backport bugfixes #1220 and #1393 to v1.1 #1758
    • Enforce netgo build tag while cross-compilation (backport #1690) #1731
    • fix delete user failed on sqlite (#1321) #1737
    • fix update avatar #1724