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2021-10-08T17:04:26+07:00 jolheiser Gitea 1.15.4 is released
false 1.15.4

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.15.4.

We highly encourage users to update to this version for some important bug-fixes.

We have merged 20 pull requests to release this version.

We remind users that a bug was discovered with gitea dump in and 1.15.0. Database dumps from these versions cause broken fields in the repo_unit and login_source tables causing the issue identified in #16961. Users on 1.14.x must upgrade to 1.14.7 before running gitea dump. If this is not possible and you are affected #17137 provides a new gitea doctor command to fix the repo_unit issue:

gitea doctor --fix --run fix-broken-repo-units

A command to provide an automatic fix for problems with the login_source table does not appear definitely possible and if you are affected please contact the maintainers.

You can download one of our pre-built binaries from our downloads page - make sure to select the correct platform! For further details on how to install, follow our installation guide.

We would also like to thank all of our supporters on Open Collective who are helping to sustain us financially.

Have you heard? We now have a swag shop! 👕 🍵


1.15.4 - 2021-10-08

    • Raw file API: don't try to interpret 40char filenames as commit SHA (#17185) (#17272)
    • Don't allow merged PRs to be reopened (#17192) (#17271)
    • Fix incorrect repository count on organization tab of dashboard (#17256) (#17266)
    • Fix unwanted team review request deletion (#17257) (#17264)
    • Fix broken Activities link in team dashboard (#17255) (#17258)
    • API pull's head/base have correct permission(#17214) (#17245)
    • Fix stange behavior of DownloadPullDiffOrPatch in incorect index (#17223) (#17227)
    • Upgrade xorm to v1.2.5 (#17177) (#17188)
    • Fix missing repo link in issue/pull assigned emails (#17183) (#17184)
    • Fix bug of get context user (#17169) (#17172)
    • Nicely handle missing user in collaborations (#17049) (#17166)
    • Add Horizontal scrollbar to inner menu on Chrome (#17086) (#17164)
    • Fix wrong i18n keys (#17150) (#17153)
    • Fix Archive Creation: correct transaction ending (#17151)
    • Prevent panic in Org mode HighlightCodeBlock (#17140) (#17141)
    • Create doctor command to fix repo_units broken by dumps from 1.14.3-1.14.6 (#17136) (#17137)
    • Check user instead of organization when creating a repo from a template via API (#16346) (#17195)
    • v1.15 fix Sprintf format 'verbs' in locale files (#17187)