6 Tango
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Tango is the entry of all things. For a general usage, you just need use Classic, it will satisfy many of your requirement.

func main() {
    t := tango.Classic()

The default tango has a default Logger, it will output the logs to io.StdOut. If you want to custom it, you can give a logger param.

import "gitea.com/lunny/log"

l := log.New(out, "[tango] ", log.Ldefault())
t := tango.Classic(l)

Classic accepts a Logger interface, you should implement Debug, Warn, Error methods.

If you only want to make a static web server, just:

func main() {
    t := tango.New(tango.Static(tango.StaticOptions{Prefix:"public"}))

then put your files on ./public folder, and you can visit them directly as a public prefix.

If you want to custom your Logger library, you can use:

  • NewWithLog(Logger, ...tango.Handler)