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# Renders
Middleware renders is a go template render middlewaer for [Tango](
## Version
v0.2.0510 Added RenderBytes for Renderer and simplifed codes.
## Installation
go get
## Simple Example
type RenderAction struct {
func (x *RenderAction) Get() {
x.Render("test.html", renders.T{
"test": "test",
func main() {
t := tango.Classic()
Reload: true, // if reload when template is changed
Directory: "./templates", // Directory to load templates
Funcs: template.FuncMap{
"test": func() string {
return "test"
// Vars is a data map for global
Vars: renders.T{
"var": var,
Charset: "UTF-8", // Appends the given charset to the Content-Type header. Default is UTF-8
// Allows changing of output to XHTML instead of HTML. Default is "text/html"
HTMLContentType: "text/html",
DelimsRight:"}}", // default Delims is {{}}, if it conflicts with your javascript template such as angluar, you can change it.
## License
This project is under BSD License. See the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for the full license text.