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Built-in LRU memory cache provider

  1. Global Cache

Xorm implements cache support. Defaultly, it's disabled. If enable it, use below code.

cacher := caches.NewLRUCacher(caches.NewMemoryStore(), 1000)

If disable some tables' cache, then:

engine.MapCacher(&user, nil)
  1. Table's Cache If only some tables need cache, then:
cacher := caches.NewLRUCacher(caches.NewMemoryStore(), 1000)
engine.MapCacher(&user, cacher)


  1. When use Cols methods on cache enabled, the system still return all the columns.

  2. When using Exec method, you should clear cache:

engine.Exec("update user set name = ? where id = ?", "xlw", 1)

Cache implement theory below:

cache design