4 Running federated Gitea
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Make sure you have backups if your Gitea instance contains any important data. The Gitea federation code will make possibly unexpected changes to your database.

You can also join https://matrix.to/#/#forgefederation:matrix.batsense.net and https://matrix.to/#/#gitea-federation-chat:matrix.org to chat with Gitea and forge federation developers or report bugs and regressions.

Quick and easy install

Gergely Nagy set up daily Docker builds of this repository. Run docker pull the.mad-scientist.club/federation/gitea:latest and you're ready to run federated Gitea! Note that these Docker images are built by a third-party and not affiliated with @Ta180m or the Gitea team.

Compile it yourself

First, clone this repository. If you would like to build a Docker image, there is a Dockerfile in this repo. If you would like to build a binary, install Go and Node.js and then run TAGS="bindata" make.


Make sure you have ENABLED=true in the federation section of your Gitea config.

Also, make sure your reverse-proxy is set up correctly if you use one, using the Gitea docs as reference.

Dealing with spam

Currently, there are no moderation features in Gitea, so you unfortunately cannot easily block a domain. If your instance is spammed by another domain, you can clean up the remote spam users using the script from this post.