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For a decent experience with this software, you need a base level understanding of Linux shell scripting & git revision control, and most likely a Debian-flavoured system to run things on top of.

This time around, there's an attempt to cut back on the levels of Heavy Wizardry in use.


Pick where to put the code. mkdir -p ~/src/fsh ~/bin

Get the code. cd ~/src/fsh && git init && git remote add origin https://functions.sh/ && git fetch origin && git merge origin/dev && git checkout dev


Defaults are non-destructive, see f --help persist for writing to disk.


get dependencies of an installable f --depends <software(:sym.ver.sion)/>

check installation prerequisites/dependencies for nginx f --install nginx


Some structure is assumed, and some structure can be customized.

Currently the live code is expected under the ~/run/ directory, and bare git repositories are expected in the ~/src directory.