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Migration Guide: v0.13 to v0.14

v0.14.0 introduces a number of breaking changes, through which it should not be difficult to migrate. Just follow this guid and if you still encounter problems, ask for help on discord or feel free to create an issue.

Removed Functions

  • for GetUserTrackedTimes and GetRepoTrackedTimes use ListRepoTrackedTimes with specific options set


Renamed Functions

  • ListTrackedTimes is now ListIssueTrackedTimes


New Optional Fields

The EditUserOption struct has gained several new Optional fields. For example Email type changed from string to *string.

The easiest migration path is, to wrap your options with: OptionalString(), OptionalBool() and OptionalInt64()


Escape Function Arguments

String arguments like user, repo, tag, ... are now url/path/query escapted as they need. If you had issues and did escape arguments by yourselve you have to remove this now.