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Add response to ReadRepoNotifications (#590)
- This is a breaking change.
- Return the relevant notifications when the Gitea server is 1.16.0 or higher.
- Ref: https://github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull/17064
- Resolves #543

Reviewed-on: #590
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Migration Guide: v0.15 to v0.16

v0.16.0 introduces a number of API changes, which should be simple to migrate. Just follow this guide and if you still encounter problems, ask for help on Discord or feel free to create an issue.

Upstream API changes

As we aim to track API changes in Gitea 1.16 with this SDK release, you may find this summary listing of changes helpful.


Added new parameter opts PullRequestDiffOption. Gitea 1.16 will default to omit binary file changes in diffs; if you still need that information, set opts.Binary = true. Related PRs:

ReadNotification, ReadNotifications, ReadRepoNotifications

The function now has a new return argument. The read notifications will now be returned by Gitea 1.16. If you don't require this information, use a blank identifier for the return variable.

Related PRs: