15 Compatibility
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This table shows how much of the Gitea release is covered in the GitNex releases.

Note: In case you did not find the version of Gitea you are using, please consider the last two stable releases fully(100%) covered like 1.10.x and 1.11.x(time of writing this) is covered in GitNex 2.4.0.

GitNex Version Gitea Version Compatibility ratio My current dev version
3.0.x 1.12.x 100%
3.0.x 1.11.x 100%
3.0.x 1.10.x 85%
2.5.x 1.11.x 100%
2.5.x 1.10.x 90%
2.4.x 1.11.x 100%
2.4.x 1.10.x 100%
2.3.x 1.10.x 100%
2.3.x 1.9.x 100%
2.2.x 1.9.x 100%
2.2.x 1.8.x 90%
2.1.x 1.9.x 100%
2.1.x 1.8.x 80%
2.0.x 1.9.x 100%
1.5.x 1.9.x 100%
1.5.x 1.8.x 100%
1.5.x 1.7.x 90%
1.4.x 1.8.x 100%
1.4.x 1.7.x 90%
1.3.x 1.8.x 100%
1.3.x 1.7.x 95%
1.3.x 1.6.x 80%
1.2.x 1.7.x 100%
1.2.x 1.6.x 90%
1.1.x 1.7.x 100%
1.1.x 1.6.x 95%
1.0.x 1.7.x 100%
1.0.x 1.6.x 95%

1. If you are on latest commit, chances are you are covered 100%.
2. If you are on old version of Gitea, it's time to update to the latest version for many reasons, one is GitNex.