Troubleshoot Guide
M M Arif edited this page 3 weeks ago

Here you will find the common hacks to use the app with.

1- I have HTTP basic authentication enabled at proxy level with pass thru. How to login?

On the login screen in the URL field enter YOUR-USERNAME@YOUR-DOMAIN.COM and skip the username field to fill. This will let you login to the app. For example,

Please note, that your proxy level username and password should be the same with your Gitea logins.

This feature is available in GitNex version 1.2.0 and above.

2- I have enabled 2FA for my account and I am on 1.8.0 Gitea version. How to login?

If you are on GitNex version 1.4.0 or below:
On the login screen in the Username field enter YOUR-USERNAME:OTP, : is the separator between username and otp code. For example, gitnex:251364

If you are on GitNex version 1.5.0 or above:
A separate optional field is introduced to enter the OTP code if you have enabled 2FA for your account.